Soccer Frenly

16 Jan 10 – Aku igt frenly ngan U-18 SMAP, rupe2 lawan club guru cmpr ex-student sket2. Hehe, tp slamber maen. Player fivers dtg 9 org je, lg dua org import bdk f5. mantap gak diorg. Game bermula dgn kedua-dua pasukan saling bertukar serangan. Game berakhir pon dgn kedua-dua pasukan memberi aksi x menyerah kalah. keputusan penuh seri 2-2. Thanks guys, walaupun xde sub korg maen sepenuh hati (padahal sume semput, ngeh2). taun depan maen lg a!!

credit to izwan kamaluddin


GK – Izzat ‘Dida’ Gombak

CB – ”Terry’ Roslan, ‘Nemanja’ Nasir

LB/RB – Rushdi ‘Evra’, ‘Micah’ Amirul

MF: ‘Cesc’ Izrul , Wajdi ‘Dzeko’ , Boja ‘Nani’, ‘Michael’ Copit

FW: ‘Wayne’ Kudud, ‘Dmitar’ Afif

Muahahahahaha. Thanks Guys.


What a game!!

The Manchester derby tonight had been the one of the best matches I’ve ever watched. With the passing game, composure and team-play between the United players, they really deserved to win. Owen also proved that he’s still on fire and others should fear him. Anyway, congratz United. You guys are fantastic!

United goals were scored by Rooney, Fletcher with two goals and winning goal by Owen. Two goals netted by Bellamy and a goal from Barry were not enough to take over the Red Devils. ;)

Glory glory Man United!