Welcome 2013

Here we go… 2013 has came…

2012 had left me full of happiness and sad moments. Full of challenges, full of experiences. Be it sad or happy thing, those experiences should be fully ‘utilized’ to improve our current life.

the first day of the year has been a kick-start, a starting line for everyone to achieve their visions and aims made in the year before. what are the common aims?? hehehe…

1. Getting married (who doesn’t want this, leave a comment :P)

2. Stop/quit this and that…

3. Earn more money (I dream this so badly. hehe.)

4. Own a house, big car bla bla..

But then, having those dreams in mind is not a sin. Yes please dream a lot but do not harm other people. Live your life at the moment to the fullest and be happy!

**dah tulis lama tapi baru nak post. he he he. xoxo :P