A Month as an Engineering Geologist

Hello mellow,

Its been a while since I wrote something in this blog. But looking at one of my colleague who seems to actively update his blog (everyday!!), he encourage me to write something.

This coming Monday, will be exactly one month I’ve worked as an engineering geologist at G&P Geotechnics. At first, the feeling of nervousness is at maximum level meeting all the new people. But lucky, all of them are really nice. The working environment is really good (so far :P). I’ve been given the chance to meet many types of people with different attitudes (all are positive okay! hehe).

In term of job scope, it never been in my mind I would be working as an Engineering Geologist supervising subsurface investigation. All those terms within the job are really new (never heard about it during my study except on the mapping works).  What ever it is, from this I will be able learn a new thing which might be useful in the future. Who knows? :)

A month as an Engineering Geologist,

I have change a little bit

A month as an Engineering Geologist,

I have yet to feel stress but happy ever after

A month as an Engineering Geologist,

I hope I would gain more out of it

A month as an Engineering Geologist,

I pray for better days in the future.

Right now, I am doing terrain mapping again in Penang. A lot of new things I’ve learnt and I hope it will continues. :)

Allahumma ahsanta akhlaqona fi kulli makan wa fi kulli sa’ah

‘Inna fatahna laka fatham mubina’