You are Who you Are

These days towards the end of the year 2011, the most discussed issue, the most concerned situation, I would say is our beloved country POLITICS matter. Looking at the whole picture, who knows what will happen in the near future. Those with power will delicately protect their place and those without will surprisingly fight, for them they fight for what are they entitled to, fight for their right.

If you observe, if you read, if you think, if you discuss, if you judge… who do you think are right one, which people are the one that actually wrong?? This side or that side. All that we are fighting for regardless of any demands, let first think, look around, think again… for what, for who do we march on energetically.. for who, for what that we defend till blood.


Personally, I can see majority people are fighting for their own benefits. If people are fighting for the sake of everyone, to make a better living for everyone. How peace can the world be. But then again, we can never be perfect but remember we still can improve.

They say ‘Ambil yang bersih, buang yang keruh’.

If we are able for further improvement, why don’t we try. For the sake of better living for everyone.

‘You are who you are, You choose who you want to be’

… but make sure you choose the right one.


The END.