Criminal Minds

Topic today is not about the so-called TV Series ‘Criminal Minds’, but it reflects how dangerous and sharp one mind can be.  Human these days are very knowledgeable, they gain them through their own effort or indirectly been exposed to them with the power medias and the gang. These knowledge as we all know, if been used in negative way will result in bad bad bad situations. I have been following a lot of intelligent, popular figure online, reading the news and observing their thoughts on certain issues.

I realized these intelligent people somehow, in certain issues just throw away their opinion without deep thinking but yet positively affect them (if you know what I mean).  I can see how they are using their logical thinking, current trends as their support. I wrote on my twitter FACT IS FACT, TRUTH IS TRUTH, YOU CAN DENY, BUT YOU CAN’T CHANGE. It feels sad to see how one thing which is clearly wrong but with a few logic arguments it looks OK. Phew.

That’s it. Just writing what is in my mind right now, short and simple!

p/s: Don’t twist the fact. You are an intelligent person so be like one.

Laytah :)