Sunrise at Broga Hill, Semenyih

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience at Broga Hill last friday ( I know I should write about my Java and Korea trip first :P ). It was a sudden plan but an amazing one. My friend called around 1 am and we went there at 530am later. With only a few hours of sleep I joined him happily (ingat mcm xde la penat sgt kan).

Broga Hill located in Semenyih (senang je nak pergi rupenye, ikut sign board. hehe) near University of Nottingham (uni ni sumpah lawa). When we arrived there at 630am, there were already a lot of people (cuti sekolah katekan). From below to the top, it took us around 30-60 mins with couple of pit stops (rehat2 minum air sket)

At the top of the hill, we can see Pekan Broga and Semenyih (I think so). The view is really beautiful. For photographers, you guys should go up there sometimes and snap a lot of pics. We were able to watch sunrise (I wish I brought my girlfriend.. ade ke? :P) and it was so romantic.

In short, to me Broga Hill is a best place to leisure. Pack all your food, wear proper pants and t-shirts and don’t forget to bring along mineral water. Here are some of the pictures (unedited). ;)

p/s: stay tuned and visit my photostream on flickr: shevshenko7 for more pictures. :D


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