People said that we should focus on quality over quantity. But somehow, don’t you think that to get the best quality we need large quantity. We could never know how ‘quality’ enough is the quality without much quantity. What you say? Anyway, I think this quality versus quantity or ‘qualintity’ rule depends on the situation. Some situations might need the quantity and quality to get along at the same time. Maybe… maybe we should go for both. Nothing to lose.  You think?


3 thoughts on “Qualintity

  1. True, quantity first. Or you wont find quality. But I think the saying is referring to long term, no? Say friends, get to know ramai orang (quantity), find the quality, stick to it. In time, quality is what matters. ada 5, 6 org kawan baik is better than 100 of ‘just friends’

    Okay, rasa macam jawab soalan exam.


  2. yes, couldn’t agree more. like you said, somehow it does depends on situation (long term, short term). :)

    selamat hari raya ruzzanne!

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