Short break. hehe.

One day, Jack and James were studying for their exam. After two hours struggling, they went to have a coffee. Then……

Jack: Hey James, can I ask you one question? This will be a bit hard I guess.

James: Yes, sure. I’ll try my best.

Jack: Do you know what ‘idk’ means?

ntah pape soklan dak nih, pukul kang.. senang kot, said James to himself. Then he answered..

James: I don’t know

Dengan muka ketat sambil mengeluh, hmmmm… Jack replied..

Jack: I guess nobody knows what it means. Haih.

James terus blah meninggalkan Jack smbl mulut terkumat-kamit mengeluarkan kata2 di mana hanya die sj yg tau. lol~ :P


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